After years of working for others it was time to start up. Darren Roscoe formed RBC Roscoe Building Company. The company started as any other and small projects led to larger projects.


Thomas was born. Darren wished he wouldn’t join the building company. A few years later this would later change. A father son establishment would be formed with a 5yr old boy sat on his passenger seat going to price projects.


RBC merged with Rochdale Building Company and was finally incorporated as RBC Rochdale Building Company LTD. This again increased workflow throughout the area and the company was expanding just how Darren was intended.


Darren took full control of the company and secured some of the company’s most prestigious projects. Birtle Brook took up a major part of the company’s life at the time and set the future for the company reputation.


Thomas Roscoe joined the company from school. The company become a family company with the introduction of Darren's son and Thomas started his route with the company as a labourer, to learn each and every trade with the intent to manage the lifestyle his dad created.


The recession was creating havoc through the construction industry but with the reputation and workforce the company had created RBC Rochdale Company LTD was unaffected. The company was specialising in new builds and high spec extensions and work was good.


The company was blooming and Thomas was now in and out of office, managing the company and employees under his dad. The company was ready to expand and move into new areas.


The company rebranded with a new name Roscoe Building Company LTD “Roscoes” this brought the company back to its roots and set the company as a family run business resonating through its name. Thomas was looking to push the company into new directions and partnered with Control4. One of the largest smart home automation providers in the world. Home automation paired with the construction aspect of the company has paved the steppingstones required to move the business forward with the current times we all now live in.


Cedia. Roscoes have been recognised by the largest accreditation for smart homes. The company is forever evolving, and our timeline shall keep growing with every movement this business takes.

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